Tech Camp Memphis 2013 was inarguably one of the most successful Tech Camps to date. Led by Dave Barger, an amazing team of volunteers, and tons of sponsors, there were five tracks that informed and entertained over 100 attendees. From high-school students, to seasoned professionals, TCMem 2013 had something for everyone. The tracks and speaker list can be found below.


Developer 101 Track

Led by Gerald Lovell, the Developer 101 track provided a foundational lesson in software development for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Participants spent most of the morning participating in a series on interactive lessons interjected with prepared instruction.

Innovation Track

A new, experimental track led by StartCo gave participants the opportunity to test out lean principles for building a product idea into a business plan.  Throughout the day, sessions guided participants through creating planning strategies and creating development and marketing plans for a fictional product.  The final result was then presented at the closing ceremony.

Marketing Track

How to Go Viral Without Getting Sick, Cliff MkKinney

Build a Successful Personal Brand Online, Beth G. Sanders

Blogging With Ghost, Eric Terpstra

How to Get More Leads Through Your Website, Steve Phipps

How to Incorporate Videos in Your Marketing Plan, Pamela King

Choose 901 Marketing, John Carroll

Development Track

Composer: Game Changing Dependency Management, Jeremy Kendall

Complete Code Reviews, Thomas Langston

Why your CSS should be SASSY, Keith Mattix

Twilio Voice/SMS API: Teach Your Apps to Speak, Stewart Whaley

Your Graph is Showing: The Trend Toward Graph Databases & Connected Data, Greg Jordan

HTML Form Processing With PHP, Joe Ferguson

Design Track

The Building Blocks of Good Design, Rebecca Ziemer

Sneaky Tips For Your Own Design, Jerri Ann Reason

Guerilla Testing, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love UX, Bryan Robinson

Boost Conversions and Raise Your Revenues With A/B Testing in Rails, Daniel Pritchett