The Memphis community suffered a tremendous loss with the untimely passing of Dave Barger in early 2014.  With sadness and grief came acceptance, and ultimately, resolve to continue the legacy Dave left behind by bringing the tech community together once again in 2014.  The newly formed Memphis Technology Foundation gradually absorbed the responsibility and several hard-working community members pulled together to ensure Tech Camp 2104 was a success.

Though an unfillable void was left with Dave gone, Tech Camp volunteers, sponsors and attendees held their spirits high and made it a great event for all involved. A great crop of speakers came together, and a Keynote session was added as well. Session information is listed below.

Developer 101

Once again, Gerald Lovell led a series of interactive tutorials for willing participants interested in getting started with software development.

Entrepreneur Track

Hillary Quirk and Memphis startup experts once again put together a track packed with sessions on learning the ins-and-outs of putting together a business plan, lean startup design, and getting your business off the ground.

Customer Discovery Process, Hillary Quirk

Business Model Convas, Al Pickett

Creating a Startup Brand Using the Brand Model Canvas, Patrick Woods

Incorporating, “Design Thinking” into Your Startup, Will Phillips

The Screwpulp Story, Richard Billings


Marketing Track

Free Chicken and Beer, Reuben Brunson

Podcasting is Special, but Hard, Stephen Hackett

Digital Advertising: What You Won’t Learn in College, Brittney Block

My Startup Failed and it’s Marketing’s Fault, Brad Montgomery

Social Media Serets of the Successful Entrepreneur, LaTisha Styles

Where is eCommerce Going?, Grant Morrow

Design Track

The Secret to Promoting Your Craft – Lou Griffith

Persuasive Pushback, Nicole Lewandowski

Screen Design – What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Making Websites, David Sparks

Do We Really Need Global Navigation? Matt Ladner

Design For the Mobile Web, George Spake

Using Vectors on the Web With SVG, Nathanael Smith


Developer Track

Reducing the Barrier to Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin, Douglas Starnes

Let’s Make Some Noise! Digital Audio and the WebAudio API, Daniel Lissner

Single Page Applications with Backbone.js and Marionette.js, Josh Lewis

Customizing an Online Game and Building a Community With Lua, ASP.NET MVC, and MySQL, Lance Hilliard

Workshop: Stupid Programming Tricks, Daniel Pritchett

Swift Kick in the Graph, Greg Jordan