Design Marketing

Design & Marketing Session 2 – Breaking down barriers by storytelling

Room 225 October 28, 2017 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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Jennifer Moes

Getting down to basics, what is your product story or what is your customer asking for? Use story telling to understand, analyze and conceptualize what problems you are solving. It is a medium to start ideation on user experience, gap analysis, potential technical and design solutions a problem.

The best way to resolve a software problem for your customer is through understanding and analysis of the customer’s experience of the their journey. You begin by asking questions like “how, why, what, when” of the problem. Exchanging details allows collaboration and trust to emerge between the end user and your development team. The next step is storytelling through white boarding with the end user / customer; this is where ideation begins. When you can formulate a story around an problem – you identify details, steps, integration points, impacts and analysis to solve the problem. Your team begins to grasp the customer’s journey along with solution options to solve the problem.

Let me show you how to break down the hardest issues with story telling. This is a way to make sure your customer can tell the story of the problem you are solving, it forces you to be able to replicate the same story the customer is telling. It aids in identifying gaps, prototyping and allows the team to think quickly to present options for solutions to the problem you are solving. It creates a forum, that adapts quickly and allows validation of what you know and what you need to analyze further, through discovery with the end user. Successful product adoptions do not start with product use, it will come from learning how to collaborate, communicate and ideate quickly with the customer on the solutions you develop with you team.