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Design & Marketing Session 4 – “Ten Principles for Good Design” in Software Development

Room 225 October 28, 2017 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Jason Charnes

In my teenage years, I wanted to be a designer. It never worked out because I was terrible at design. Later in life, I was able to scratch that itch with web development. It wasn’t in the design of the interfaces but rather the code.

Later in life, I discovered Dieter Rams. His work is inspirational, functional, and beautiful. Recently, I stumbled across his “ten principles for good design,” and I couldn’t help but think about how they apply to web development.

This talk will:

  • walk through each of the ten principles
  • look at examples of his work
  • apply each principle to software development
    • encourage refactoring
    • encourage thinking twice when writing new code

Someone attending this talk would, hopefully, find applicable and valuable principles of design to take back to their code.